The Premium Differences

IELA is multi-talented team, who are parents themselves.

IELA promise an exceptional student centric experience, prioritising educational, personal and social needs. Our standard of host families is outstanding, welcoming host families with high quality accommodation located as close as possible to your chosen school in close-knit, safe, community villages with excellent transport links. Our guiding principles and procedures to safeguard children and young people, reflect national policy and legislation with including 24-hour emergency support.

Since our inception in 2014 our reputation as a professional, trustworthy and quality hands-on provider has grown to new heights and we are proud to welcome students to the ‘IELA family’ from all over the world on our High School programmes. We are also proud to collaborate with like-minded partners overseas!

Our resilient team at IELA bring a wealth of expertise and life experience and would not be complete without our extraordinary Host families.

We are genuinely grateful to have the most wonderful families who choose to work with IELA. They are an integral part of our service and an extension of our shared values, commitment, and reliability.

Ireland’s Eye Language Academy

IELA Student Co-ordinators

  • An IELA Co-ordinator is not just a trusted link for our students, it is a personal co-ordinator who takes
  • An active interest in your child’s wellbeing, ensuring they have all the support they require, from the moment they arrive until after they leave. Choosing the most trusted and caring guardian is essential and pivotal to the success of the programme.
  • We monitor each students’ academic progress, assist with choosing subjects and extra-curricular activities, assist in purchasing books and uniform, provide emotional support, attend Parent Teacher meetings (transcribes reports to parents) monitor academic and social development, but also making sure each child is safe and happy at all times.
  • An IELA Co-ordinator is also an essential link for the school or host family during unforeseen situations – we look after your child and offer the same level of support that we would expect for our own family.