IELA Tailored Services

IELA Comprehensive Guardianship Services Select best available private/public Day or Boarding school Host family close to school
Pay School Fees Purchase School Books & Uniform Attend Parent-Teacher meetings
Student Co-Ordinator support Arrange extra-curricular activities Emergency assistance
Manage Visa registration Manage Airport Transfers Pastoral care


Sourcing a school in Ireland

  • IELA collaborate with many public and private schools in Ireland. We don’t just find a school, we source the school based on the students’ academic ability and their interests and activities outside of School.

Host families

  • Once we know the school we work on sourcing a host family which best matches the student profile and is closest to the selected school.

Student co-ordinators

  • An IELA Co-ordinator is not just a trusted link for our students, it is a personal co-ordinator who takes an active interest in your child’s wellbeing, ensuring they have all the support they require, from the moment they arrive until after they leave. Choosing the most trusted and caring guardian is essential and pivotal to the success of the programme.
  • We monitor each students’ academic progress, assist with choosing subjects and extra-curricular activities, assist in purchasing books and uniform, provide emotional support, attend Parent Teacher meetings (transcribes reports to parents) monitor academic and social development, but also making sure each child is safe and content.
  • An IELA Co-ordinator is also an essential link for the school or host family during unforeseen situations – we look after your child and offer the same level of support that we would expect for our own family.

Having worked as a teacher for almost 20 years, and having enjoyed lots of exchanging experiences, I truly cannot think of a better language provider to send your children. They are so close and respectful with any detail… I myself will definitely send my daughters to them!!!

David Polo – Spain


Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is famous for its breath-taking scenery, rugged coastline, rolling hills, lush green fields, beautiful forests and trails, beaches, intriguing culture, folklore, and much more.

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city, located on the east coast and is a vibrant young city famous for its history, charm, museums, galleries, theatres, shops, pubs, restaurants including its friendly people with their unique sense of humour and fun. There are hundreds of beautiful, enchanting villages and towns around Ireland all of which offer an abundance of culture, relaxed charm and friendliness.

Ireland’s quality of life ranks amongst the best in the world, which is partly due to the exceptional educational system. It ranks in the top 10 globally as an education system which meets the demands of its competitive economy. Ireland is headquarters to hundreds of global companies including, Apple, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, Twitter, TikTok and Intel.

IELA partners with schools located throughout Ireland.

Please download our 24/25 High School Programme & Guardianship Services Brochure here

Admission Requirements

  • Students should be a minimum of B1 or higher depending on the academic years
  • Student’s passport (copy)
  • School reports/transcripts from the previous year
  • Parents’ contact information
  • European Health Insurance Card (applies to EU students)
  • Reference letter outlining student performance from a teacher or principal
  • Student letter to host family
  • Student family photos


If you already have sourced a school place, please get in touch and we will provide Host family & Guardianship services for the duration of your stay.