Why do I need a Guardian?

Parents of International students attending Irish schools (boarding & day) are required to assign a Guardian provider for the duration of the academic programme.

IELA comprehensive services are aimed at ensuring you and your child have all the support they need whilst affording reassurance for their parents. When something goes wrong and your child needs help, our Student Co-Ordinators ensure your child is supported and finishes the year as smoothly as possible, they are also an essential point of contact for the school during unforeseen situations.

At IELA our professional guardianship service provides essential and seamless support to parents, students, schools and partner agencies with practical assistance and guidance throughout the academic year.

Choosing the right and trusted guardian provider is essential and pivotal to the success of the programme.

Comprehensive Guardianship Services

  • Personal meet & greet upon arrival at Dublin Airport and transfer to host family.
  • Careful host family selection and profile match.
  • Full-board accommodation in high quality host family home close to chosen school.
  • Accompaniment to School by an IELA representative or Host Family on their first day
  • Assistance in purchasing books/school uniforms etc.
  • Organisation of additional items, i.e. extra-curricular activities, membership of local clubs, purchase of sporting items etc
  • Attendance at parent teacher meetings throughout school year plus transcription of report to agency/parents.
  • Regular contact with School staff & Principal to ensure student is happy and progressing academically and socially.
  • Regular contact with student throughout programme, either in person or via WhatsApp to ensure all is going well.
  • Regular liaison with agent / parents / host family to communicate information as required.
  • Careful monitoring of students’ personal & social calendar.
  • Assistance with visa application as required.
  • Assistance with medical/dental appointments as required.
  • Advice on Educational issues.
  • Management of *Contingency fund (student expense account).
  • 24-hour emergency assistance.
  • Transfer on final departure
  • Mobile phone top-ups
  • Uniform, book purchase or rental
  • Pocket money
  • Public transport costs
  • Extra-curricular activity fees
  • Host Family accommodation at Christmas & Easter.
  • Airport transfers at mid-term, Christmas, Easter or other holiday periods during the school year.
  • Transfers in excess of 30km from Dublin Airport on arrival & departure. Additional cost applies. Early arrival to or late departure from the programme is subject to an additional charge.

Boarding & Guardianship Services

At IELA we offer Guardianship & Homestay for students attending Boarding Schools

  • Administration school application
  • Transfers on arrival/departure
  • Student Co-Ordinator visit on arrival
  • Minimum of 2 Visits per term.
  • Personalised support provided by IELA Student Co-Ordinator
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Attendance at parent teacher meetings.
  • Emergency telephone contact 24/7
  • Emergency visits
  • Accommodation in a carefully selected host family during closure & mid-term breaks – excluding Christmas & Easter holidays)

IELA Boarding & Guardianship Programme package includes

  • Boarding accommodation.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)<./li>
  • Assistance with organisation of uniform, books, additional school & boarding equipment (i.e. duvet, linen, towels etc) and assistance.
  • Family accommodation during official school Closures, Mid-term Breaks, Easter, & holiday weekends.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)