What is a host family?

IELA is a premium homestay provider for International Students in Ireland.  We believe each placement is pivotal to the success of our programmes and support both family and student from before arrival to beyond departure.   All our families are carefully selected and provide a warm and welcoming home with the highest quality of accommodation.

We are genuinely grateful to have the most wonderful families who choose to work with IELA. They are an integral part of our service and an extension of our shared values, commitment, and reliability. IELA host families are regularly visited to ensure standard quality assurance and are vetted by Irish Police (Garda Vetted).

We have a large database of trusted host families who choose to work with us and provide a home for our visiting students. We take the utmost care in matching specific student requirements with the most appropriate accommodation for their needs.

Our homestay goal is to provide students with a stay in Ireland that is stimulating, memorable, safe, engaging and supported.

What if my child misses home during their stay?

At IELA we too are parents, so we fully understand children and the feelings of parents when their child leaves home. We are particularly dedicated to the welfare and happiness of each child attending our programmes. We promise our unique personalised service ensures your child has a safe, secure, happy and memorable experience of life in Ireland.

Our host families take an active interest in your child’s well-being and are there to offer help and advice if needed.

There is also the more ‘personalised’ cultural experience which is pivotal to the IELA experience. There can be no doubt that conversation with your host family can provide that unique integration with the English language and culture.

Nicky Rudd - Co-Founder IELA

Other useful information


We also ensure that all homestays are located near to your chosen school, or IELA teaching centres, ensuring students can either walk or access train or bus routes.


Our host families are as varied and diverse as Ireland itself. They may be a couple with or without children, a retired couple, or a single adult. They would all provide a friendly family atmosphere and positive social interaction.


IELA also cater to those who wish to attend Boarding School, offering the personalised support of IELA staff for the duration of their stay. At IELA, we work with local host families to provide a high-quality host family accommodation as required for Exodus/Exeat weekends and mid-term holidays.


IELA represents a brand of loyalty and trust and this is reflected in our careful selection of host families. All our families are frequently visited, and Garda vetted. Some of the criteria include not to host another student of the same native language unless specifically requested, to treat the student as a member of the family, to provide a clean and comfortable room, to provide a balanced and appropriate diet, etc

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What is involved in being a host family?

Most students who travel to Ireland to improve their English choose to stay with a host family to make the most of their immersion experience. IELA’s host families may be ‘traditional’ families with children, young couples with no children, single-parent families and retired couples whose children have left home. The primary role of the Host Family is to ensure their guest is well looked after and treated as a member of the family during their stay. Our families must offer a warm welcome and be committed to the immersion experience of their guest.

Prior to registration, all host family homes are carefully assessed by IELA staff and family members aged 18+ are Garda vetted before they are allocated a placement on the IELA database.


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