IELA Terms and Conditions


Ireland’s Eye Language Academy request that all booking parties complete the IELA registration form. IELA request information on personal details, course required, English level, arrival/departure information, transfer and accommodation details.

A booking deposit must accompany all applications and must be sent directly by bank transfer to IELA’s bank account. Full payment for all programmes is due 2 weeks before arrival. Payment instructions will be issued at time of invoice.

Public Holidays

IELA is closed on Irish Public Holidays. When a Public Holiday occurs on a Monday, courses will begin on a Tuesday. No extra classes will be arranged and no refund or credits are given for lessons missed as a result of the Public Holiday.


It is important that any booking party (agent, school, group or individual) declare any special requests e.g. allergies, dietary requirements, at the time of the initial booking. It is not possible to make special additional requests when a student has already been allocated accommodation. Where a number of special requests are made for one party, IELA reserve the right to fulfil special requests subject to a number of circumstances -considering host family availability to meet the request, the request is reasonable or is medically certified.

Special dietary requirements (coeliac/ lactose/gluten intolerance or vegan) will incur an additional fee of €30.00 per week. This will be advised at the time of booking.


The accurate date and time of arrival must be advised to IELA as soon as possible to enable us to arrange your collection at the airport. Where flights are delayed/cancelled, IELA should be informed immediately to allow us to reschedule transfers, where we are unable to reschedule transfers due to lack of notice, students will be required to arrange and pay for taxi or private transportation to their host family.

Students will be accompanied to the Airport at least 2 hours prior to their flight time as provided on their booking form. IELA accepts no responsibility should a student miss a flight once they have been accompanied to the flight departure gates at the airport.


We advise that all booking parties take out full medical insurance prior to their arrival. IELA cannot be held responsible for medical costs incurred by any person(s) who have not made such arrangements.IELA can arrange medical insurance on request. Citizens of the European Union countries must bring the EHIC card, but it is also compulsory to purchase additional travel and medical insurance to cover all eventualities.

Booking Parties are not insured by the School or Host Family, against illness, theft or loss of personal effects and accept no responsibility in the event of such occurrence. Personal travel insurance cover is highly recommended. Insurance should cover the loss of personal possessions such as laptops, cameras, cash and mobile phones, as well as the loss of tuition fees if a student decides to cancel their course or return home early. IELA does not assume any liability for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever which may occur due to the fault or negligence of any student, third party company, hotel proprietor, campus, hostel or any other persons carrying out ancillary work.

IELA does not accept responsibility for any costs incurred due to f accidental damage caused by a visiting student or group leader, flight delays (to include accommodation)


Smoking is not permitted or acceptable in a host family home or boarding accommodation. Smoking is not permitted in any public building or transport service in Ireland, this includes all IELA school facilities to include outdoor areas.


Each student must abide by IELA school student & host family guidelines and code of conduct. IELA does not accept responsibility for individual student behaviour during their stay.

Phone Calls

Guests of a host family will be permitted to use the landline or mobile phone of the host family only in the case of emergencies and under supervision. Booking parties will be held responsible for reimbursement costs of any calls made without permission.


During the programme, IELA may arrange to record, photograph or shoot video footage for promotional purposes only – both printed and online. Any student, parent or legal guardian of a student under the age of 18 years, who does not wish to participate must contact IELA by email at in advance of arrival. The same student must state at the time of the recording, photographing or video stating their wish not to participate.

It is not permitted for any student to take photographs of host family members/homes/meals etc without their knowledge and at first requesting their permission.

Social Media

IELA reserves the right to expel any student found photographing/abusing or insulting any other booking party, host family, homestay accommodation or IELA staff member, on any form of social media.


IELA reserves the right, where applicable to add a supplement for airport transfers and tours to all booking parties.

* Out of hours 9pm – 9am airport flights or transfers are not permitted.


All allergies, special dietary requirements, mental health issues and special disability needs, including any and all medical conditions must be informed at the time of registration.

Groups – Group Leaders must be available to their students and IELA staff offering full support in the event of an emergency. IELA will always contact a group leader in this event and will provide support as required. When a student is ill, it is the responsibility of the accompanying Group Leader to care for the student at all times during their illness or to make alternative accommodation arrangements (book Bed & Breakfast or hotel accommodation for student and themselves) Host families and IELA Dublin will not accept 24-hour responsibility for students in these circumstances.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing to IELA

  • Where notice of at least 1 month prior to arrival date is provided, booking parties are entitled to a full refund, less booking deposit and administration fee of €30.00 per student.
  • Notice provided in advance of 14 days, but less than 1 month prior to arrival date are entitled to 50% refund of the programme fee, less the deposit paid and administration fee €30 per student.
  • Notice provided less than 14 days prior to arrival date are not entitled to a refund.
  • Booking parties who have made special requests requiring further expenditure by IELA to accommodate such requests may also have these monies retained by IELA and not refunded for same.
  • No refunds are payable if a student is expelled for behavioural reasons.

Where a travel visa has been refused, IELA will refund fees to the booking party upon receipt of evidence of the visa refusal together with the refusal number. All fees paid will be refunded, less the booking deposit and registration fee paid. Where a refund is made by bank transfer, any bank charges incurred by IELA will also be deducted from the balance. If the intended commencement date of an English Language programme is delayed as a result of visa issues, IELA will not adjust the tuition or accommodation end date and no refund will be made.


There is no refund of fee for curtailment of a course after commencement. These terms apply to both an individual and those who are part of a group. The cancellation fee will be waived if there is a replacement student booking put in place.


If a student is expelled from a course for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be given. Serious breaches of school policies/regulations/code of conduct as deemed by IELA will result in a student being sent home. In these circumstances no refunds will be given and students/booking parties are responsible for all related costs and arrangements for the return journey, to include all airport transfers/flights and accommodations.

Termination of Contract

IELA reserves the right to terminate a contract in the following circumstances:

  • The unruly behaviour of a student (to include verbal abuse/bullying/*taking of illegal drugs, or alcohol (*for those under 18 years)
  • Vandalism or criminal damage by a student
  • Damage to the host family structural home/stealing/damage of interior of host family home/property* all costs incurred by student damage must be reimbursed in full
  • Where a student commits a Criminal offence including shoplifting
  • In cases where the accommodation and facilities offered by IELA are unsuitable to the special needs of a student.
  • Where the behaviour and conduct of a student is such as to adversely affect the teaching of a class or the proper administration of the School.
  • Where medical conditions or mental health issues requiring specialised
    care/assistance/dispensing of medication are not advised at time of booking or clearly stated on the registration form.


Payment Terms

Payment for all programmes must be paid in full at least 4 weeks in advance of arrival in Ireland. IELA reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice if payment conditions are not met. Please note payment terms of individual programmes.

Legal Notice

IELA reserve the right to alter and amend information contained within this document without notice.

We reserve the right not to accept applications without stating our reason.
All operators working with IELA will be deemed to have agreed to these conditions without variation once they have made a booking.

By booking an IELA programme, the booking party agrees to these terms & conditions and gives permission for IELA to contact them at any time on the contact details provided on booking form. IELA is obligated to ensure that the personal data provided by the booking party is processed in accordance with all applicable laws.

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