El Escorial Academic Programme

El Escorial Academic programme – MADRID

The beautiful, historic and majestic village of El Escorial, is located just 45 minutes from Madrid airport. Students will attend the academic programme of one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Spain, Real Colegio Alfonso XII, located within the heart of the village.

Our Residential and/or Homestay programme represents a dynamic, diverse and enthusiastic way of sharing a unique experience with Spanish boarders and day students, creating supportive environment to explore new and exciting challenges.

Residential students will reside in the northern zone of the Monastery and will enjoy the privilege of living in a building which is also the home of The Royal Palace, Pantheon of Kings, Library, Basilicas, Art.

Students can choose homestay and enjoy complete immersion into Spanish family life. Families are carefully selected from the village and surrounding areas.

An amazing opportunity to improve and develop confidence in learning and speaking Spanish.

Individuals or School Groups:

Full immersion is key to achieving fluency in a language.    If you are studying a language in School,  IELA will advise and source the most suitable programme students who wish to travel overseas.

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