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Ireland’s Eye Language Academy Internship Programme

About our Internship Programme

IELA provide a specialised service designed to provide all candidates (Junior and Senior) from overseas with the opportunity to gain valuable and life-changing Internship opportunities working in a large range of diverse businesses in Ireland.

We are a boutique English Language Academy based in Dublin who understand that working in an English language culture for a period of time is invaluable in helping you to improve your English language skills as well as providing you with valuable work experience in a new and exciting culture.

What we Offer

  • Full-time Internship Programme & Homestay
  • English Language Course, Internship Programme & Homestay
  • Full Welcome and Orientation package upon arrival
  • Complete support during Internship Programme
  • First class Homestay Homes for all students
  • 24-Hour Emergency Contact – Guaranteed!

To qualify for an IELA Internship Programme

  • Candidates must be 18+ years
  • Candidates must have attained an English Level of B1+
  • Candidates should be confident in their spoken word and be open to immersing themselves totally into the Internship and cultural experience.

Advantages of an IELA Internship Programme

An investment in your future

“The best investment you can make in life is to invest in yourself…..” so at IELA we encourage our Interns to immerse themselves completely in their new work place environment which will be filled with new perspectives so that they can learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible. Whatever your motivation, our Internship programmes will help you on the path to your dream career.

Gain valuable work experience

The hands-on work experience that our Interns receive is invaluable, making this one of the most important benefits of our Internship programme. Our Interns have the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge to real-life work experiences, witnessing first-hand the day-to-day activities and tasks that they can expect to encounter when they join their chosen field in the future.

Explore a Career Path

By completing our Internship Programme, we can assist you in choosing the correct career path whilst concentrating on developing your English Language skills within the workplace.

Gives you an advantage when entering the jobs market

Our Internship experience, incorporating our English Language classes, makes you more marketable for future employers who are looking for a candidate who has relevant work experience and also has confidence in conversing in English with their customers and colleagues.

Gain Confidence

Our Internship Programme allows you to gain confidence in your skills and ability by completing tasks assigned to you in the workplace. It is also an opportunity to apply and develop your English language skills as you will be working with colleagues who will converse with you in English. This has proven to improve confidence in Interns who maybe would not have been confident enough to speak English at a business / workplace level in the past.

IELA Internship Placement

Our Internships are typically non-paid placements offered on a Full-time or Part-time basis with an English Language Course also available for part-time Interns who can avail of a Work placement in the morning and English Lessons in the afternoon or vice-versa subject to availability.

Our Internship placements range from 1 week to the Full Academic year so we can develop an Internship Programme suitable to a candidate’s specific requirements.

Our Internship programmes are available in any of the following sectors:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sports Organisations
  • Commercial / Office environments
  • Trades – such as Plumbing, Electricians etc.
  • IT Companies
  • Property Companies

IELA offers a unique way in which to develop your personal and career goals through these Internship programmes. Our Internship programme aims to provide a means of improving existing English language skills in a professional environment, enhance employment opportunities within an increasingly competitive employment market and increase awareness of international business and practical work experience.

If you would like to request more information please click the button to contact us and make an enquiry.

IELA Internship Homestay / Host Family Accommodation

We provide full board high quality, luxury Host Family accommodation in safe community villages located on the North Shore of Dublin Bay (no more than a 23-minute train journey to Dublin City Centre).

Our Homestay goal is to provide our Interns with the experience of living with Irish families in Irish communities that is stimulating, memorable, safe and engaging.

If you would like to gain practical work experience by working in any of the areas mentioned plus many more or if you want to chat to one of our professional Internship Coordinators, then please contact IELA for further information.

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