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IELA provide tailored education & guardianship services, including professional advice on choosing the best schools in Ireland

Why choose us?

A quality education is the key to every child’s development and future. IELA’s promise is to offer a seamless, supportive transition whilst assisting you and your child through the Irish high school process.

Our team have extensive experience in placing children into internationally recognised Schools, both in public and private education.   IELA dedicated specialists offer personalised guardianship, guidance and support throughout each placement.

What sets us apart

IELA’s insider knowledge, professional approach and analysis of every student’s academic history will assist our expert team with personalised recommendations for the best suited school. This school will be selected based on every student’s academic skills and future ambitions.

We also prioritise each student’s educational, personal and social needs, working with both student and school to ensure a smooth transition into their chosen Day or Boarding School.  Please read our High School Terms & Conditions.

For more information on our High School & Guardianship Programme click HERE to download our 2020/2021 Brochure.   

High School Programme Details

What's Included

What’s included

  • Personal meet & greet upon arrival at Dublin Airport and private transfer to host family
  • Full board accommodation in high quality host family home close to school.
  • Accompanying student to School on their first day
  • Assistance in purchasing books/school uniforms etc.
  • Organisation of additional items, i.e. extra-curricular activities, membership of local clubs, purchase of sporting items etc
  • Attendance at parent teacher meetings throughout school year plus transcription of report to agency/parents.
  • Regular contact with School staff & Principal to ensure student is happy and progressing academically and socially
  • Weekly contact with student for the first 4 weeks.
  • Monthly contact with student to ensure all is going well.
  • Monthly liaison with agency/parents/host family to communicate information as required.
  • Careful monitoring of students’ personal & social calendar.
  • Assistance with visa application as required.
  • Assistance with medical/dental appointments as required.
  • Management of *Contingency fund (expense accounts)
  • 24-hour emergency service available.
  • Transfer on departure

What's Not Included

What’s not included

  • Uniform, book rental/purchase
  • Transport to/from school
  • Pocket money
  • Extra-curricular activity fees
  • Mobile phone top-ups
  • Airport transfers at mid-term, Christmas & Easter
  • Host family accommodation at Christmas & Easter

Education In Ireland

Irish high schools are open for approximately nine months between September and June.  The exact length of the programme will depend on the annual school calendar.  There are three school semesters (terms) in the academic year:

    1. September to December
    2. January to March 
    3. April to June

Early application is essential to ensure a place in your school of choice. Please access Education in Ireland for more information on the Irish school system.

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