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Our eLearning Program

IELA have developed an online learning platform for our International students bringing them to Sutton & Howth through a unique virtual experience.

This is a unique IELA individual personalised service, which provides an academic advisor and mentoring support, guiding and encouraging all our students on their academic journey.

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Strategic Teaching & Learning platform

  • Tailored English Curriculum focussed on speaking, listening, reading and Irish culture.
  • Live interactive Classes
  • Suited to Teenagers & Adults
  • Individual & Group sessions
  • Communicating with your classmates in a collaborative and supportive environment
  • Submitted Assignments
  • Continuous feedback & assessment
  • Professional panel of qualified CELTA English Teachers
  • Certificate on completion

*Additional options available

  • Tandem chat with native speaker – online supervised forum
  • Exam Preparation English – FCE/CAE/IELTS
  • Business English
  • Writing an email
  • Interview confidence
  • STEM learning


*subject to an additional charge

The Curriculum

Our professional team of native English Teachers have devised a curriculum which is engaging, interactive and brimming with Irish culture tailored for each student

Our General English will engage each student through a variety of structured, fun and interactive topics. Our Teachers will motivate each student to want to learn more and give them the self-confidence to achieve the best results they can giving them an opportunity to practise Reading, Pronunciation, Spelling, Grammar, Written work, Vocabulary Development and Comprehension. Developing informal writing skills with forum discussions.

Our online classes cater for all levels from A1 – C2 (Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced)

To get Started you will need:

Wifi, a laptop or PC with webcam and microphone, headphones.


Tandem Language E-Learning

Learning in tandem is a form of intercultural learning with a partner in which both partners benefit equally from the conversation. Think of it like the “tandem bike”. Students must work together and help each other to steer in the right direction!

The time spent on each language is divided equally and effort should be made on both sides to interact, discuss topics and get to know one another.

Students are not expected to assess or examine the other student, explain grammar rules or define any learning objectives. The exchange is simply a fun & engaging way to improve oral and aural skills in both target languages.

Students are encouraged to help one another if there is misunderstanding or correct mistakes.

How does Tandem Language Learning work?

It is a very straightforward concept. Through the IELA online platform, students of similar ages are paired together. Two students, two languages – English and another target language like Spanish, French or German.

An Irish student is paired with a native student from Spain/France/Germany in order to improve their skills in that European language. English is also practiced with the foreign student, so it is a win-win situation where both students benefit.

Chats are a friendly experience and the main focus is on improving speaking and listening skills that many younger students may lack when learning a foreign language.

When and where do students meet?

IELA will assign a time slot for both students on the online platform. To ease parents’ minds, these meeting will be fully supervised at all times by an experienced member of the IELA teaching team. The teacher may interrupt the chat to suggest ideas, make sure each student is adhering to the guidelines or to solve any technical issues which may arise. This ensures that students get the most out of their assigned time. The member of the IELA teaching team will also ensure that the correct amount of time is being spent on each language. A list of questions or conversation topics can be provided for each session when necessary.

The chat function can be used by the students to explain more complex sentences or spelling which leaves no room for misunderstanding

What is the duration of the supervised chat?

The chat is 40 minutes in total.

The first 20 minutes is dedicated to English and all greetings and small talk is done in that particular language.  Students then “switch” languages half-way and continue the conversation in the second language for example Spanish/French/German.  The conversation ends in the second language.

IELA supervisors may interrupt if students are shy or quiet and languages can be switched throughout so as to create a type of “bilingual” environment. This depends on the students and their individual motivation. The chat function also enables supervisors to suggest topics to the students without too much interruption to the flow of the session.

How will students benefit from Tandem Language Learning sessions?

Apart from the obvious improvement in speaking and listening skills, it is proven that students become more motivated and confident to perfect the language and their cultural understanding will develop by conversing with native speakers. Students also lose the fear of expressing themselves in another language as it is a more fun way to learn.


Tandem exchanges also allow students to learn more informal ways of conversing and gain colloquial knowledge which is not usually found on the school curriculum!


Not only does it develop linguistic skills but also boosts self-esteem and interpersonal skills.


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